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Golf Tips for Better Driving – Get More Distance AND Accuracy

Players of every skill level want golf tips for better driving. Driving from the tee is a crucial aspect of the game, and also a more difficult one. Many golfers find that the tee box is a difficult area at best. While half their shots work out fine, the other half suffer. We’ve put together some valuable golf tips for better driving which can help players of all levels improve their driving.

There are many available articles and books on this subject, they don’t all contain the volume or the quality of information. One of the most important golf tips for better driving is also often the most overlooked:

Keep your ball in play. While many golfers focus on hitting as far as they can, even the furthest shots mean little if they don’t stay in play. End up hooking or slicing into the woods, and you’ll lose strokes. What is the point of a long drive into the woods? Instead, when it’s possible, pick accuracy instead of distance.

When you step up and address the tee, make sure to focus on your proper posture. Though correct posture is unique to the individual, there are some commonalities we can use for a starting point.

Begin with your feet at shoulder width, then play the ball from your left heel. Position your head behind the ball and keep it that way start to finish.

While addressing the ball, some players stand too straight and some slump over too far. Ideally, you want some flexing at the knees. Compare this to a shortstop in a baseball game and try to get in a similar position.

Another of the golf tips for better driving worth keeping in mind, particularly for newer players, is that trying too hard to drive the ball far often ends up in a bad drive. You don’t have to tear into the ball to get additional distance from the tee. Instead, focus on maximizing the speed at which the club’s head comes down on the ball. Faster club head speeds equal longer distances.

It’s also important to address golf tips for better driving with bigger clubs like the 460 cc. The additional weight of these bigger clubs results in more energy transferred to the ball at impact. Though these bigger clubs are popular with today’s golfers, they do require considerable practice if you want to master them. Golfers are often surprised when they find they can’t just put down their old, smaller club, and pick up these new bigger ones and play with the same skill level.

When using the 460 cc clubs, you need to tee up the ball considerably higher, depending on which particular club you are using. You’ll probably need to even buy new, taller tees in order to get the ball up high enough from the ground.

The last of our golf tips for better driving is simply, but importantly, to practice. There’s no shortcut to improving your game. You’ll need consistent, steady efforts, and this applies to your tee shots too. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend at the range, attempt to spend at least 30 minutes per week, during which you should work with one or two clubs plus your driver.

Finally, you can find many more golf tips for better driving on the internet and in bookstores. One truth of golf remains, the more you learn, the better you’ll play.

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